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  • Policy and Research Consultancy Opportunity

    The Finance Innovation Lab is growing and these are exciting times! We are looking to build up our field of practitioners so that we can leverage opportunities for growth.  We now have an opportunity to grow our work in policy and research and to build upon our existing work and teams. Growing our Field of Practitioners [...]

  • Launching Transforming Finance Film

    We are excited to announce the launch of our new documentary – Transforming Finance. Bringing together the voices of change from across the financial system the film, sponsored by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, is the culmination of two years of collaborative research with 100’s of finance professionals, policymakers, academics and advocacy groups to identify the most: Promising [...]

  • Transforming Finance: A Charter for a New Financial System

    Since the crisis of 2008, the failure of our financial system to deliver benefits for society, the economy or the environment has been a perennial feature of mainstream political debate. But restating the problem is not enough. Unless we begin to articulate a positive vision of how we want a future financial system to operate, the [...]

  • P2P finance will come of age in 2014

    Tucked away just before Christmas at the end of 2013 were two big signs of the peer to peer finance industry imminent coming of age in 2014. P2P finance was worth £1bn in 2013 The first was the groundbreaking benchmarking study of the size of peer to peer finance, published by Nesta, University of Cambridge [...]

  • Building the Alternative Finance Movement: Watch the Assembly speakers online!

    Were you unable to attend the recent Finance Innovation Lab Assembly on Alternative Finance? Based on recent community feedback about accessibility in other regions and due to the extremely high demand for the event we filmed the main speakers at the event so you can watch them online!  About the Event The assembly hosted on [...]

  • Transforming Finance: innovation, scale and diversity

    Julia Groves, a panellist at the premier of Transforming Finance shares her view on the next steps to making change happen. My first reaction to the Transforming Finance film was a common one at anything the Finance Innovation Lab produces, it’s the feeling that I am not alone.  It’s knowing that there is a supportive, [...]

  • Why we need a more diverse banking system

    Guest blog from Tony Greenham, New Economics Foundation Sixty-three million people, 4.9 million businesses, hundreds of languages, dozens of   religions, 86 counties, 66 cities. The UK is a vibrant and diverse country. So why should our banking system be any different? Our high streets are dominated by a small handful of giant national banks [...]

  • Joining forces to ‘Manifest’ a finance system that works for people and planet…

    Joining forces to ‘Manifest’ a finance system that works for people and planet…

    The Finance Innovation Lab presents Manifest Many of us have sat through endless debates and ‘talk-shops’ which aim to solve the broader challenges facing our current economic system. However these are increasingly leading people to agree that still more action needs to happen if we are to begin shifting the current financial system towards one that [...]